Thursday, August 13, 2009

Imagined Socialable Objects

For this assignment I proposed a food finder; to enable someone like me with strict food restrictions to find tasty food I can eat on NYC grocery store shelves--where space is a premium so there is never a guarantee. As a proponent for "real" foods, and a friend of several people active in the food co-op/organic farming industry and in restaurants that serve local foods, I imagine that it could also be used for locating certain local foods.

This mesh network would a few major components:

1. end devices = food on grocery shelves
2. routers = radios strategically placed in the grocery stores
3. coordinator = this radio would send data to the web radio
4. x4 web interface = this would be an interface to all of this data to stored in a database
5. Database + web interface = way for people to search/locate food on the network and for vendors and farmers to list food that is not "shelve" ready

See presentation.

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